Center for Research and Education of Next Generation Vehicle

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International Center for Automotive Research


Center Director Professor Akihito Sano
The Center for Next Generation Vehicle Research and Education is a university-based center for education, research and practice to advance the field of automotive technology and provide research capabilities that support the international community. The center is organized around two fields: human resources training and education, and research and development. A broad range of themes are dealt with at the center and in the future it will serve as a leading institution, domestically and internationally, in the field of automotive technology. The aims of the center are the creation of a cutting-edge, integrated field of research harnessing NIT’s fortes of power control, power electronics, and manufacturing processing technology, and the establishment of a hub for human resource development.
Center Goals
  1. Efficient energy usage via the integration of GaN power devices with power electronics technology.
  2. The realization of next generation vehicles friendly to both people and the environment.
  3. The realization of smart communities.
  4. The training of core human resources responsible for next generation manufacturing.
Center Director Professor Akihito Sano


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